Solar Specialty Courses

Ecotech Training’s specialty solar trainings are designed to expand the professional knowledge for specific solar-related topics. These courses are designed to educate participants in the subject matter both in theory and execution in their professional fields.

If you are interested in Solar Fire Safety or NEC Code Updates training, please contact us directly at 646.723.4522 for more details.

Solar Fire Safety Training Course

Four hours of live or webinar training. Topics Include:

  • Components of a Solar Energy System
  • Types of Solar Energy Systems
  • Misconceptions About Solar Energy Systems
  • Safety Labeling for Firefighters
  • Firefighter Concerns
  • Inspecting Systems for Code Compliance
  • Changes Coming in the 2017 National Electric Code

NEC Code Updates Training Course

Four hours of live or webinar training with the potential for NACEP CEUs. Course will review current NEC codes for solar installation as well as specific solar energy systems. Topics include:

  • Review of NEC Article 690 and 707
  • Changes from NEC 2011 to NEC 2014 and NEC 2017
  • Rapid shutdown
  • Functionally vs. solidly grounded systems
  • Solar system safety review