Introducing Ecotech Training: Courses for Green Industry Employees

Introducing Ecotech Training: Flexible Courses for Green Industry Employees

The new energy economy is here. There are more jobs in renewable energy and energy efficiency than ever before. This is good news for technicians working in solar energy — according to the Solar Energy Industries Association, solar will employ more than 420,000 workers by 2020.

But the new energy economy also presents an opportunity to professionals working in a number of other fields, from construction and roofing to architecture and sales. The demand for skilled employees gives an opening for these professionals to get their foot in the door with a green job, or expand their career options through training programs.

For those who would like to add renewable energy and energy efficiency to their existing expertise — such as an architect — short training courses and green certifications are great options.

Having flexible options to train America’s workforce for the new energy economy is crucial. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Ecotech Training.

What is Ecotech Training?

Ecotech Training offers flexible options designed for different levels of experience and to meet diverse career goals, individuals can pursue education in clean energy in a way that works for them. Individuals can take courses focused on:

Courses are available online or in-person at 32 different campuses across the country, including locations in California, Indiana, Maryland, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas.

You can learn more about Ecotech Training here.

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